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Donations to the Coastal Bird Program help us to restore, protect and enhance coastal bird habitat in South Carolina.


Because of the desire of many interested organizations to protect and restore Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary, the SCDNR established a new program designated as the Coastal Bird Conservation Program under the Nongame and Natural Areas Trust Fund (SC Code of Laws §50-1-280). This program provides a means for SCDNR and supporting organizations to collect donations to support the renourishment of Crab Bank and future coastal bird conservation efforts.

Coasal Bird on Crab Bank, Donate today

To donate, checks may be mailed to:

SCDNR – Coastal Bird Conservation Program

Attention: WFF Business Manager

PO Box 167

Columbia, SC 29202

Or donate online:

For questions regarding this Program, please contact us.


SCDNR is listed as a charity and qualifies under IRS guidelines.

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